A Love Letter for June Fifteenth

15 Jun

       A June fifteenth love letter

             By Peggy Howland


You are my mother and my father.

You taught me how to grow up.

You led me through the fears and shame

that paralyzed me, and you watched in amazement

as recovering fellow sufferers,

to whom you sent me, worked a miracle

of insight and acceptance and finally serenity

in me.  You let me see

your humanness.  You let me learn,

step by faltering step, to begin to trust.

You patiently explained, again and again,

when my anger masked the hurt

from the one whose love I longed for,

but could never receive,

because it was not freely hers to freely give.

She could not see me or know my need.

You know my need.  You let me see

myself.  You almost gave up on this

Slow Learner.  You will always have me with you,

you said.  And it is true.

A hundred times a day I recall

some lesson learned, some word spoken,

assurance of hope, some step to take.

My gorilla is tamer now, not as fierce

or fearful as in the days of despair.

What a long journey we have come together.

There is only one way I know to thank you.

It is to live the gift you gave me.

It is to trust you, to trust myself,

to trust in life and trust in people.

The road is still not easy all the way.

But it is not so difficult as it once was

to trust…  You will always be with me.

Thanks, dear friend.  A thousand thanks. 

                      Love, Peggy



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