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A Thanksgiving Prayer Poem

24 Nov

Gifting God,

What shall we do to live our thanks?

The gifting season is upon us.

How shall we gift kindness and peace

in the midst of so much that threatens

our life and our love and our very humanity?

The days grow shorter.

Darkness comes early.

Ugliness is waiting.

We long for justice, for equality, for goodness, for kindness.

Our hearts are full for thanks-living

because you are a Gifting God.


Snow will come

to some

and hide that which is ugly.

Just as we hide our eyes from poverty and hurtfulness,

from hatred and threats,

our privilege lets us pull down the shade, light the lights,

hide in our churches and shut out the ugliness of hatred and war and fear and weapons and trafficking

and gun violence.


An automatic rifle targeted the young black man dressed in drag and dancing in the neighborhood night club that was his safe place, his happy place, and the shooter’s hatred tore into his flesh up one side, up the other side, piercing the night, stopping the music, ending the party, ending 49 lives,

deeply wounding many, many more.

The dancing young man in drag was the last one to be discharged from the hospital but not discharged.

Every Monday Wednesday Friday

Monday Wednesday Friday Monday

Wednesday Friday Monday Wednesday

Friday Monday Wednesday Friday

These are his days back in that hospital in dialysis, hoping for a used kidney, for a chance to dance again, some day.  Some laughing day with music and dancing and the joy of the friends who lived that night and escaped the slaughter,

but no escape from fear-memories.


Gifting God, teach me to keep my eyes open, even in the dark.

Let me see my own complicity, for each of us shares it, until the weapons are silenced, the threatened fear no more, and justice and love flow down like waters, drop by drop by drop becoming a powerful stream.


Let me stand in the light, where the cover of darkness and ignorance and fear has been torn away,

where I can see the life-giving possibilities of justice and peace, where nonviolence and intersectionality join us to the suffering and the hopeless,

and with these our brothers and sisters, we dream dreams and challenge injustice and war and violence in every form.


Gifting God, teach me how to gift kindness and peace, healing and solidarity and love.



A Thanksgiving Prayer by Peggy Howland